NATO straps history

As the name already implies, it origins from the military organization NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) who introduced the NSN (NATO stock number) for their military equipment. The NATO straps was initially known as G10 band and were only produced as the 20 mm Admirality Grey coloured nylon.


The British Ministry of Defense standardised the G10 straps for its soldiers who filled in a form called G-1098 and received a strap for their watches that met the requirements for wartime usage in the 1970s. After a while the troops started to request more colors than grey and requested the classic military green and more colourful straps that honoured their corps. 

The legendary James Bond have been seen with NATO straps in decades. In the movie Spectre (2015), James Bond wore a NATO strap that was striped in black and grey colours, that has become known as the Bond Nato Strap and opened up for more different variations of striped colors.

The nylon composition of the strap prevents metal from touching the skin of the wearer and provides stability while wearing it. Furthermore, the durability of the strap prevents moisture from wicking away on the skin, as well as keeping the watch on the wrist of the wearer even if the one of the spring bars of the wristwatch were to pop out. The straps are resistant to water and are easy to clean. Because of the above mentioned attributes it is a great fit for outdoor activities. If the strap becomes dirty you can easily clean it with soap and water.

NATO straps sizes and colors

The most popular NATO straps sizes varies between 16-24 mm and it is important that you select the size that fits for your watch. Our first collection Kattegatt fits with all nato straps 22 mm. 


Now when you know more about the story we believe that you are more than ready to order yours. The color you finally choose may match with your outfit and the watch. As we have seen a high interest of different colors we have started our collection with graphite grey, military greenblack onyx and dark blue.

The NATO strap is a one piece strap slid through the spring bar of the watch case and then slid into the appropriate notch, and then folded back to secure excess strap and prevented from sticking out of the main watch strap portion. The NATO straps are easy to change and brings a cool style and define your individual style. The NATO strap can be worn as part of a casual outfit or with your suit. Every true watch collector needs one of these NATO straps! 

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