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 Launching the Nordberg Skagerrak on KICKSTARTER

Summer 2021. Join our free giveaway of a Nordberg Skagerrak: Night Edition.

We are Nordberg Watches


Nordberg Watches is a Swedish creator of automatic watches with the ambition to create a simple, robust and affordable watch experience. Our vision is to help people open their eyes to mechanical watches and to lower the barriers to enter the watch community.


Our first watch collection, Kattegatt, was limited to 50 pieces. Kattegatt sold out in only one week in February 2020. The world is now going through a very troublesome time at the moment and everyone is affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, we are trying the make the most out of the "working from home" to present our next project. The second automatic watch collection will be launched on Kickstarter Summer 2021.

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 Nordberg Skagerrak



Why Nordberg Skagerrak?

After successfully selling out our first collection, Nordberg Kattegatt, we asked our customers what they were looking for in the perfect watch. The answers were largely unanimous: A slightly smaller "all around" watch with a simple design on a stainless steel bracelet, with an automatic movement at a superior price. Inspired by this, we developed the Nordberg Skagerrak: influenced by the surroundings of the Swedish west coast, with close involvement of our active followers.


We have understood that many of you, just like us, are looking for a watch that goes back to basics - without parts from the moon, meteors or sunken boats. With this in mind, we tried to design the Nordberg Skagerrak with focus on the Swedish heritage of simplicity and robustness. The watch comes in two versions: Day and Night, both limited to 125 pieces each.

Day and night edition

Day: Inspired by the sunrise of icy winter mornings on the island Tjörn, just outside of Gothenburg, we designed the Nordberg Skagerrak: Day edition. The white, matte color of the dial symbolizes the biting cold you cannot feel anywhere else but in the Nordics. The dark blue second hand shows us the Skagerrak ocean, which is constantly in motion and therefore never completely freezes to ice. The beautiful contrast between the two colors is something that you need to see with your own eyes, we did our best to replicate it in the Nordberg Skagerrak: Day Edition.

Night: Swedish summer nights are short, the sun barely sets behind the horizon. If you get the opportunity, you probably want to experience the truly breathtaking color combination when the sun rests a couple of hours to later show up again to bring as a new warm day. Those first yellow rays of the sun reaching up over a dark summer sky in Strömstad is what has inspired us when we created the Nordberg Skagerrak: Night edition.


  • Powered by a Seiko NH35, which is an automatic, robust movement with 40 hours of power reserve.

  • Stainless steel case, measuring 39 mm in diameter, excluding the crown.​

  • Contribution to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's work for sea and fishing by donating 100 SEK (about $12) for every sold Nordberg watch.

  • Except from always keeping the time, the Nordberg Skagerrak is equipped with a date window. 

  • Nordberg Skagerrak has a water resistance of 100m/10 ATM.

  • Limited to 125 pieces per model (Day and Night edition) with individual choice of number.

  • Open case back, for educational purposes.

Previous model:
Nordberg Kattegatt

Image 2020-02-04 at 18.46 2.JPG


  • Powered by an automatic Miyota 8215, which is a robust movement with 40 hours of power reserve.

  • Stainless steel case, measuring 42 mm in diameter.

  • The Kattegatt was delivered on a Nordberg genuine leather strap, created to last. In addition to this, a complimentary nato strap of choice was included.

  • Contribution to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's work for sea and fishing by donating 100 SEK (about $11) for every sold Nordberg watch.

  • Except from always keeping the time, the Kattegatt is equipped with a date window. 

  • Kattegatt may be used during a good swim or snorkelling trip together with the included nato strap, as the water resistance of the watch is 10 ATM.

  • Limited to 50 pieces with individual choice of number.

  • Kattegatt is the name of the ocean surrounding Gothenburg. The design of our first watch collection is inspired by the Swedish heritage of robustness, quality and simplicity.


We want to help

Every day, year-round, large scale fishing in Swedish waters is ongoing, bottom trawls destroy the seabed, unwanted fish are thrown back and biodiversity is threatened. All this even happens in protected areas with threatened species and habitats. But development can be reversed if we help. Protection should be protection for real.

Therefore, Nordberg Watches decided to contribute to the Swedish society for Nature Conservation's work for sea and fishing by donating 100 SEK (about $12) for every sold Nordberg watch. This was a part of our work to save the surrounding areas of Gothenburg, where the first collection Kattegatt was our first step.

Thank you Swedish society for Nature Conservation's for your amazing work, we are looking forward to cooperating with you again to help save our oceans.

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 The team


Meet the team

The Nordberg Watches team consists of four Swedish watch enthusiasts: Jakob, Henrik, Johan and Charlie, with a close connection to the Swedish west coast. The name Nordberg Watches originates from the surname Nordberg which is Johan's mother's family name. In Swedish, Nord means north and Berg means mountain, which suits our focus on nature as well as the simplicity and unique environment of the Nordics.


The idea behind Nordberg Watches was born when we realized that there are many people out there who have started to grow an interest in watches, just as we once did. It is difficult to navigate the watch market, and the barriers to entry the watch community are high. With Nordberg Watches, we make automatic watches available to people who, like ourselves, do not have a huge watch budget. Over the years, many have asked us for help finding the right watch. We are passionate about helping people explore and develop their interest in watches and the mechanics behind them. Therefore, we create affordable and uncomplicated entry watches that will help open up an interest in automatic movements for the broader market. We welcome all watch enthusiasts, whether you are a first timer or an experienced watch collector, to participate in our community. 



Gothenburg, Sweden

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