Nordberg Watches is only producing automatic watches, but the advantages of this might not be clear to everyone. Here are the top four reasons to why we only manufacture watches with automatic movement:

1. Automatic watches are almost always synonymous with higher quality. Just by a quick Google search, you will find out that all famous brands almost exclusively manufactures automatic watches. Producing automatic watches, instead of battery powered, is a tradition that has lasted for hundreds of year.

2. An automatic watch is a self-running, almost living thing. The movement of your wrist is what gives the watch energy. If you listen closely you can always hear the ticking, like a heart beat. You can't do this on battery (quartz) watch.

3. Craftsmanship. The effort put into creating an automatic watch, putting all the small pieces in place by hand, is stunning. It is something that quartz movement watches can rarely compare to.

4. The watch is one of the few jewellery that a man usually wears, the more reason you should invest in it. The watch is a part of your identity and a lot of people actually notices what kind of watch you are wearing - and if the watch is powered by an automatic movement.


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