Chapter 1: Kattegatt

Quality - Robustness - Simplicity
That is what Nordberg Watches is about.

This is Jakob, Henrik and Johan. The team behind the challenger to the traditional watch industry, Nordberg Watches. We are three Swedish watch entusiasts and entrepreneurs that have the same ambition, to make a real change to the watch market. To create a watch made out of the same premium materials as the watch giants, but to cut the costs in every phase of the production and distribution process. This mindset helped us come up with the Nordberg concept; we want to offer qualitative watches where our customers only pay for the actual watch.

We believe that there are lot of people that are interested in watches but do not know that there are alternatives to the expensive giant brands that has the same quality and performance. We want to spread the perks of owning an automatic watch instead of a quartz (battery powered) watch, and that Nordberg can provide a less pricy alternative.


Thanks to our small innovative organization we can cut expenses and deliver products with the same quality and characteristics as the big Swiss and Japanese brands. We believe that it is time to stop paying for a brand name or a country of production and start paying for your watch.

When being a part of the Nordberg community, you can trust that as much of your payment as possible goes to the actual product instead of distribution systems, expensive stores, offices, business trips or high salaries. You can trust that your watch will keep the time for you as well as being a modern symbol for a new watch era.

Nordberg is a family name from Gothenburg on the Swedish West Coast. But the environment here is changing negatively, and it is going fast. We want to contribute to changing this development. You can help us fulfilling this goal by wearing a Nordberg watch. We are donating a part of our profits to organizations that make a real difference.

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In recent years, the team behind Nordberg Watches has followed the development of newly launched watch brands. We believe that many of you, just like us, are looking for a watch that goes back to the basic - without bits from the moon, meteors or sunken boats. In light of this, we have during 1 year designed a watch with the aim of taking a step back from all such niches and instead focusing on simplicity, robustness and affordability.


After selling out our first successful collection, Nordberg Kattegatt, we asked our customers what they are looking for in a perfect watch. The answers were largely unanimous: A watch on a stainless steel bracelet that lasts a long time, with an automatic movement at a superior price. Inspired by this, we developed the Nordberg Skagerrak, which meets these requirements and which will show the world that timelessness and quality last in the long run. The most important factor in our development process has been feedback and involvement of our customers.


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